A Promise is A Promise, Mr. Politicians...

How Joko Anwar got Circle K to the top of Twitter trending topics Earlier today around 2 pm west Indonesia time, renowned Indonesian movie director and screenwriter Joko Anwar tweeted that he was going to go into a Circle K naked if his twitter account reaches 3000 followers. In barely any time at all, that tweet was retweeted so many times that it pushed "Circle K" into the top of trending topic within a few minutes and baffled a lot of Twitter users around the globe. The fact that he tweeted in English helped everyone around the globe understand what the whole fuss was about and joined in the fun, retweeting his "challenge" out of control and followed @jokoanwar en masse. Within one hour, his 1000 followers had ballooned to more than 3500, and as of this writing, had reached over 7300. That's under 5 hours.

Most of the people though won't actually be able to see him do it but they're all interested if he was going to go ahead with his claim. Of course, plans for documentation on Flickr and YouTube is set in motion but that remains to be seen what with the new Indonesian film law that was just passed a few weeks ago. Ironically, Anwar is one of the strongest opponents of the draconian law. 

Now, this whole stunt had drawn other claims saying he would run naked at PIM (Pondok Indah Mall) but he never actually said it. This was in fact a prank claim by @hasief which again took a life of its own similar to the original claim. There is no truth to this one. Regardless, PIM made it into trending topic within a short time.

Will the outspoken director follow through with his challenge now that he's got more than twice the target? We'll soon find out. He said he's going to do it tonight although no word as to where and exactly when.

Circle K certainly got quite an exposure today and Indonesian Twitter users certainly figured out how to get topics to trend on Twitter. It's just a matter of numbers.